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What We Do...


To help us achieve our mission, Pawz for Music has developed an amazing cast of feline characters to assist in providing new and exciting ways to inspire young children.

We have learned that young children are looking for someone to mimic and admire.   Colorful characters are attractive, fun and very inspirational to children.  A child seeing a cool cat playing a harmonica may be inspired to jump in and join him, especially if that cat is teaching the child in a way that is fun and exciting.

BluzKat is just that cat. Hes a cool feline that can play any instrument but seems to favor the harmonica. Hes from New Orleans, LA and quickly makes friends with some young kittens who are eager to be taught by BluzKat. They forge a friendship and discover they each have many talents to offer. Each kitten comes from a different walk of life and will provide inspiration from their journey of growth, not only in music but also for their sense of caring, wanting to learn and getting along with their peers.




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